Har du brug for hjælp?

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Har du brug for hjælp?

70 11 20 20

Includes both liability and comprehensive motor insurance. Choose covers depending on how you use your car.

Free for children under 12 in the first year. Covers accident and serious illness.

The boat insurance covers your liability if you accidentally injure others or damage their boats.

Covers damage to your caravan or trailer tent, e.g. in connection with theft or vandalism. Comes with a three-year warranty on repairs.

Low monthly premium on the most important insurance products for young adults under 30.

Is a good insurance product covering damage to the actual building, on top of which you can include contents insurance in your holiday home insurance.

Covers your statutory liability and pays veterinary bills if your dog is ill or injured.

Insurance with prevention – you get our Home help cover, and a rat blocker is included in the super package.

An alarm is included in your contents insurance. Choose between a burglary, water or smoke alarm.

The insurance covers veterinary bills if your cat is injured in an accident or falls ill.

Includes statutory liability insurance. If you choose comprehensive motor insurance as optional cover, you are also insured if other persons damage your moped or scooter.

Includes both liability and comprehensive motor insurance. Choose between being insured in the period from 1 March to 30 November or all year.

With a personal insurance policy, you receive help quickly and a financial breather following an accident.

Pays expenses if you fall ill or are injured while travelling. The whole family is covered all year.

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