Motorcycle insurance – making sure you are properly covered on the road

Motorcycle insurance – making sure you are properly covered on the road

Your choice – summer or all year

You decide whether you want your motorcycle insurance to cover from 1 March to 30 November or all year.

Liability and comprehensive motor insurance

With motorcycle insurance, you get both statutory liability insurance and comprehensive motor insurance cover. You are also insured if you are injured yourself. Customise your insurance with multiple optional covers – for example low excess for theft and breakdown assistance.

How you are covered


Covers if you accidentally cause injury to other people or damage to their property or vehicles. Statutory insurance.

Optional covers

Accessories in excess of DKK 10,000

If your motorcycle comes with accessories in excess of DKK 10,000, you can take out extra cover when taking out your insurance.

All-year cover

Upgrade your motorcycle insurance to provide cover not only in the summer season 1 March to 30 November, but all year.

Comprehensive motor insurance

Covers loss of or damage to your motorcycle if, for example, it is stolen or damaged in a traffic accident. Accessories of up to DKK 10,000 are also covered.

Excess for theft

Opt out of the usual excess for theft and damage of 20% of the amount of the claim. You will then know your excess for all types of claims.

Motorcycle driver’s accident

Provides cover for permanent injury or death if you or another driver of your motorcycle has an accident and is not covered by other liability insurance policies. Also pays out a cash amount if you suffer a fracture.


Covers if your motorcycle or an accessory is stolen or damaged by theft or attempted theft.

Tryg MC Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance when your motorcycle cannot drive or needs towing to a repair shop.

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