Contents insurance covers your possessions and your liability

Contents insurance covers your possessions and your liability

Insurance product to make you feel extra ‘tryg’

As a Danske Bank customer, your contents insurance comes with extra benefits. When taking out the insurance, you get a free house alarm of your own choice. You can choose between a burglary alarm, which detects movement, a water alarm, which detects moisture, and a smoke detector, which you know how works.

If you take out multiple insurance policies, you will also get a 15% discount on your contents insurance.

The insurance covers the entire household

We cover your household, which may consist of you, your spouse or cohabiting partner, children and up to two additional members of your household. The insurance covers your possessions if they are stolen or damaged. It also covers if one of you accidentally causes injury to other people or damage to their property. 

You will also have access to Tryg ID and Psychological trauma counselling if you have contents insurance.

How you are covered

Damage to luggage abroad
Covers if your luggage is destroyed or stolen while you are travelling and if you take your possessions with you on your trip.
Electrical damage
Covers damage after short circuiting. Also covers food spoilage caused by random power failures.
Covers damage after fire, lightning, explosion and sooting.
Legal expenses insurance
Covers legal expenses if you are involved in a dispute, for example a rent dispute.
Covers your liability if you cause injury to other people or damage to their property.
Covers damage to your property in the event of sudden outflow of water or oil from pipes in your house.
Psychological trauma counselling
Covers if you are involved in an incident which gives rise to an acute psychological crisis for you – for example a burglary or a serious accident.
Theft and vandalism
Covers in the event of burglary in your home and theft outside the home. Also covers theft of bicycles by up to DKK 13,101 per bicycle (2018)
Traffic accident damage
Covers damage to your possessions in the event of a traffic accident while you are travelling by bicycle, car or public transport.
Covers sudden damage to pipes and electrical installations caused by storm, snow, cloudburst and frost burst.

Optional Covers

Damage to electronic equipment
Covers sudden damage to electronic equipment, for example if you drop your laptop on your way down the stairs. Also covers malfunction of equipment less than four years old.
Extended bicycle cover
Covers damage to your bicycle if you crash or are run down. You can take out cover of up to DKK 54,590 per bicycle (2018).
Sudden damage
Covers sudden damage to your possessions – e.g. if you sit on your spectacles or knock over an expensive vase.

Product information

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