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Boat insurance in the water and on land

The boat insurance covers your liability if you accidentally injure others or damage their boats.

Compose your own boat insurance

You can take out liability insurance, or include cover for damage to your boat with comprehensive hull insurance. You can also take out accident insurance covering you and other people on board.

How the liability insurance covers

The liability Insurance covers your liability if you accidentally injure other persons or damage their boats with your boat.

How the comprehensive hull insurance covers

The comprehensive hull insurance covers most types of damage to your boat, e.g. if you capsize, run aground or are involved in a collision or in the event of fire, vandalism or theft.
The insurance also covers damage to your boat’s hull, engines, equipment, fixtures and fittings, your personal possessions – and accessories such as rubber dinghy or life raft.

How the accident insurance covers

If you or others on board are injured while you are sailing, you will only receive compensation if you have an accident insurance.

If you have accident insurance with us, you are covered during your leisure time, but you can also choose to take out accident cover under your boat insurance. In that case, anybody else on board will also be covered in the event of injury.

New and improved boat insurance

Some people are happy with just liability insurance. Some want to insure their own boat with comprehensive hull insurance, while others want to be sure that any guests on board are also covered in the event of an accident.

With our boat insurance, you can tailor your insurance cover to suit your exact needs and wishes. Here you can read about our new optional covers – remember that you can always read the full terms and conditions as well as cover descriptions in the terms and conditions and the fact sheet.

New optional covers

You can read more about the new optional covers in the terms and conditions and the fact sheet.

  • Extended comprehensive hull insurance
    We cover repairs of damage to your boat, without reducing the compensation due to age and use or any under-insurance.
  • Extended sailing territory
    The insurance covers unlimited sailing and transport throughout Europe in the period 1 April to 15 November, however, with the exclusion of sailing in the Black Sea. 
  • Maritime assistance
    Cover for expenses you may incur if you need assistance while at sea, e.g. towing to the nearest port, start-up help, delivery of fuel or spare parts etc.

Do you also sail in winter?

The insurance covers unlimited sailing in most Nordic, German and Polish waters as well as transport in Denmark during the sailing season from 1 April to 15 November. If you would like to be insured for sailing the rest of the year, you can take out Winter sailing cover.

Insurance government tax is paid automatically.

Boats are subject to an insurance government tax of 1.34%. The tax is automatically added to your insurance policies each time you pay the premium.