Child insurance

Child insurance covers your child 24/7

Special benefit for Danske Bank customers

It’s about your children being extra ‘tryg’. Premium-free accident insurance for children up to 12 years old is included in the child insurance for the first year. After that and if you also want illness and health insurance, you pay the normal premium.

Three insurance policies in one

With child insurance, you are thoroughly covered if your child is injured in an accident or becomes seriously ill. The most important covers from Tryg’s accident, illness and health insurance policies are combined in one package.

How your child is covered

Dental injuries
Covers treatment of injuries to your child’s teeth after an accident.
Funeral expenses
Covers funeral expenses of up to DKK 50,000.
Permanent physical injury
Covers permanent physical injury sustained by your child after an accident.
Permanent psychological injury
Covers permanent psychological injury sustained by your child after an accident.
Covers injury sustained by your child in connection with sports – including dangerous sports like boxing or rappelling.
Covers transport from the site of the accident to the nearest treatment facility.
Covers treatment by, for example, a physiotherapist, chiropractor or psychologist following an accident.

Optional covers

Chewing damage
Covers dental treatment for your child in the event of chewing damage to teeth while eating and where the cause is a foreign object in the food.
Critical illness
Avoid financial worries if your child is diagnosed with a critical illness. See the list of critical illnesses in the terms and conditions.
Extended permanent injury
Receive double compensation if your child is involved a major accident and suffers permanent injury of more than 30%.
Extra help
Ensures that you can get the necessary extra help if your child has an accident – e.g. for cleaning or transport.
Provides fast access to treatment at a private hospital or private clinic – for both physical and emotional trauma.
Covers if your child becomes seriously ill. See the list of serious illnesses in the terms and conditions.
Immediate compensation
Receive a lump sum if your child sustains a fracture or injury to a cruciate ligament, Achilles tendon or meniscus.

Product information

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