Moped insurance – be properly insured on moped or scooter

With a moped insurance you get the statutory liability insurance and you can also choose a hull insurance that insures you if others do damage to your moped or scooter.

How the statutory liability insurance covers

You must take out statutory liability insurance if you have a moped or scooter. The liability insurance covers accidental injury to other people or damage to their property caused by you with your moped or scooter.

How the comprehensive motor insurance covers

With comprehensive motor insurance, you are also insured if you are injured yourself. The comprehensive motor insurance covers damage to your moped in connection with a traffic accident, fire, theft etc. Legal expenses insurance is included and so is rescue insurance for registered mopeds limited to 45 km/h.
Comprehensive motor insurance is voluntary, but if you have a moped loan, the lien holder will usually require that you take out comprehensive motor insurance.