Cat insurance – if your cat is ill or injured

Cat insurance – if your cat is ill or injured

Age no obstacle

We insure your cat no matter how old it is.

Get the right help for your cat

With cat insurance, your veterinary bills are covered if your cat is ill or injured. You can freely select multiple covers – e.g. dental treatment, medicine, physiotherapy – and also choose to be covered if your cat is involved in an accident or falls ill on a journey.

Hov your cat is covered

Illness and accident
Covers veterinary bills if your cat is ill or injured

Optional covers

Covers expenses for a cattery or private care of your cat if you are admitted to hospital.
Life cover
Covers the price of a new kitten of the same breed if your cat dies or has to be put down due to illness or an accident. Contact us if you want to take out life insurance for your cat.
Pet travel
Covers veterinary treatments if your cat is ill or injured during travels in the EU/EEA.
Physical treatment
Covers e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractor, laser therapy, massage and treatment of arthralgia with gold implant.
Teeth and medicine
Covers dental treatments, medicine, supportive bandage, neck collar etc.

Product information

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