Tryg dog insurance covers you and your dog

Tryg dog insurance covers you and your dog

Extra good dog owner’s liability insurance

Covers your statutory liability as well as dog coaches, dog minders and your children.

Covers your liability and veterinary bills

With our dog owner’s insurance, you and your dog are thoroughly covered. The insurance includes statutory dog owner’s liability insurance and also covers your expenses if your dog is ill or injured. A number of optional covers are available, including dental treatment, medicine and physiotherapy.

How is your dog covered

Dog owner’s liability
Covers your statutory liability if your dog accidentally causes injury to other people or their animals or damage to their possessions.

Optional covers

Covers expenses for a kennel or private care of your dog if you are admitted to hospital.
Illness and accident
Covers veterinary bills if your dog is ill or injured.
Life cover
Covers the price of a new puppy of the same breed if your dog dies or has to be put down due to illness or an accident. Contact us if you want life cover for your dog.
Pet travel
Covers veterinary treatments if your dog is ill or injured during travels in the EU/EEA.
Physical treatment
Covers e.g. physiotherapy, chiropractor, laser therapy, swimming training and treatment of arthralgia with gold implant.
Teeth and medicine
Covers dental treatments, medicine, supportive bandage, neck collar etc.

Product information

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