Special benefits for Danske Bank customers

Danske Bank business customers get special benefits and attractive prices when taking out insurance with us.

You get a discount on important insurance policies

Many businesses find themselves being targeted by cyber attacks. It is therefore important for us to be able to offer favourable premiums on insurance products designed to protect your business.

Low-premium online banking insurance
Online banking insurance is important as your business is not protected in the same way as private customers in the event of online banking theft. If you have business insurance with us, online banking insurance is automatically included in the theft cover. Online banking insurance cover on its own costs DKK 425 per year for the first two years.

Cyber insurance at half price 
With our eProtect cyber insurance, you get IT help 24/7 in case of suspected cyber attacks. We prevent and mitigate the damage so that your IT systems are quickly up and running again. Take out the insurance and get a 50% discount for the first year.

Same adviser for both business and private insurance
A professional insurance adviser helps you with both your business and private insurance needs. You get a direct phone number to a dedicated Danske Bank advisory team in Tryg who are ready to assist you at short notice.


Advantages of being a Tryg customer

You are eligible for a bonus – while helping to create peace of mind
As a Tryg customer, you are also a member of TryghedsGruppen. TryghedsGruppen is the principal shareholder of Tryg and is behind TrygFonden. Your membership gives you several benefits: You are eligible for a bonus – in 2019, members of TryghedsGruppen received a bonus of 8% for the fourth year running – and you help create peace of mind in Denmark through TrygFonden’s activities.
Annual insurance check with guarantee
You are offered an annual insurance check and an under-insurance guarantee covering up to DKK 5 million extra if your business has expanded its activities since the latest insurance check.
Just one excess per claim
You always pay only one excess – even if a claim involves several insurance policies.